Hydraulic Manifolds have So Many Valves!

Used in controlling fluid flow in cylinders or motors, a hydraulic manifold must be made up of a number of valves in order to operate efficiently. The operator of any hydraulic system needs the manifold with its numerous valves to determine the amount of fluid that will flow into the hydraulic machine. Solely responsible for controlling the flow of fluids in the hydraulic machine, these many valves are manned by electricity which enable them to start and stop the flow of fluids and direct them to their destinations. If valve installation is performed incorrectly, hydraulic manifolds cannot efficiently do the job of regulating flow between pumps, actuators, and other similar components in the hydraulic system. A system that is properly designed and test points are provided, if a problem arises it becomes much simpler and quicker to find it. In this way, the hydraulic manifold is equivalent to a black box in regards to trouble shooting. A logical and neat layout, and components consolidated in the manifold reduce space, pressure drop, require less fitting and assembly time, and reduced leak points. Hydraulic manifolds can be applied to machine tools, food processing, construction equipment, oil field, production and material handling equipment, and farm equipment.

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