Scheduling Apps For The Workplace: An Introduction For Curious Employers

For a lot of years, schedules in a workplace were simply created on paper and then promptly placed on a wall in the back office for employees to check out and copy into their own notes so they would know when they needed to report to work. However, with all of the advances in modern technology, there are far more efficient ways to create and share a schedule with the people who make your daily business operations possible. One of the best newfangled ways to deal with employee scheduling comes in the form of scheduling apps for mobile devices. Take a look at these common questions about scheduling apps and the answers you need to know as an employer.

What exactly is a scheduling app and how does it work?

A scheduling app is a type of software that you can use on either a PC or mobile device to generate a schedule for all of the employees in the workplace. These apps streamline the schedule making process by showing you available shifts and when you will need coverage. Because the app allows you to create a digital copy of the schedule, it is easy to alter as needed and simple to share with employees.

What are the advantages of using an app for scheduling instead of the typical scheduling software?

Scheduling apps offer a whole list of advantages to users, whether it is the person making the schedule or the employee who is accessing the information. A few of the most noteworthy advantages of scheduling apps include:

  • real time access to schedules and schedule changes for employees and employers
  • sharing the schedule can be done wirelessly and paper free, either by accessing the app of via text message
  • employees are less likely to miss a shift because reminders can be sent from the app to their phones

How do you pick the best scheduling app for your place of business?

There are numerous forms of scheduling apps that range in complexity of function, from basic setups that work for most employers to more complex setups that can be specifically catered to your business needs. To find the best scheduling app for your company, you may have to test out a few different ones and see how well the features available fit what you need. However, keep in mind that you can also find scheduling apps that are designed for particular types of businesses, such as scheduling apps for medical offices and retail environments.

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