An Explanation Of Piezo-Electricity And Why Scanners Are Made For It

As a general rule, and as a layperson, you may be completely confused as to all this talk about Piezo scanners and Piezo-electricity. After all, isn't electricity just electricity? Why does this one type of electricity have a specific name and set of scanners to go with it? Read on to find out more. 


Piezoelectricity is the electrical charge that accumulates in solid and dense matter. Everything from human bones to metal can contain pressurized electricity, which is what piezoelectricity is. This trapped electricity makes it easier for specialized scanners to lock onto it, scan the dense matter in which the piezoelectricity is trapped, and then provide feedback via a computer screen. The data tells a lot about the matter, which then helps the technicians understand certain properties or problems with the matter.

Special Piezo Scanners

There are several special Piezo scanners to measure Piezoelectricity inside objects. Medical scanners look for breaks in bones or bone cancers and lesions or tumors, all of which alter the Piezoelectricity within the bone or surrounding tissues. Metal scanners can detect weaknesses in the structural integrity of the metal scanned, as well as the atomic mass of the metal. Artifact scanners can take images of delicate archaeological finds without touching the artifacts and deliver information to the scientists about what is inside or the physical composition of the artifact.

Why the Scanners

There are times and places when detecting necessary information is not possible via any other route. The injury to a patient would cause greater pain and suffering, or touching an artifact would cause it to fall apart. Piezo scanners are able to gather information without touching the person or object scanned. The scans are relatively harmless when compared to other alternatives for collecting information.

Buying and Using Piezo Scanners

If you think that your business or company could benefit from having a Piezo scanner on hand, you can buy one directly from a manufacturer. These are a "build on demand" product because they are not something you can just buy and use everyday. They are specialty equipment designed for very specific uses. If you are not sure which model of Piezo scanner works in your situation, describe to the manufacturer what the intended purposes are, and then the manufacturer can help you select the correct scanner for your needs. It may also be a good idea to request a technician's help with learning how to use your new scanner.  

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