What Is So Special About The Explorer MSAT G3 Terminal?

Maybe you are often caught traveling in places where cell reception would be impossible. Maybe you have a business located in a place where telephone lines are not available, and there are no open lines of communication. Either way, investing in a satellite communication terminal could be one of the wisest decisions you ever make. These terminals utilize satellite connections to provide lines of communication from places that would otherwise have nothing. There are all kinds of satellite communication terminals to choose from, but the Explorer MSAT G3 is often touted as one of the best. Here's a look at why the Explorer MSAT G3 Termin is so great. 

High-Security Encryption 

If you will be using the terminal for emergency response purposes or for purposes that need to remain private, the MSAT G3 is the right model to use. These satellite terminals offer high-security encryption that is military-grade. Therefore, no one will be able to listen in on your transmitted calls and communication, which can be incredibly important in some situations. Whether you are in a talk group or online with an individual communications recipient, your relayed voice will be kept private. 

Lightweight Design

The MSAT G3 has a lightweight, low-profile design that consists of no moving parts or bulky pieces to contend with. Therefore, using the terminal is not cumbersome or aggravating. Plus, if you decide to have the MSAT G3 installed in your vehicle, it will not take up a lot of space or get in the way, whether it is in use or mounted on the receiver. In spite of its conservative size, the terminal is robust and has the ability to stand up to some rough handling, which makes this unit ideal for harsher environments like construction zones or off-the-grid locations. 

Easy to Install

Some satellite terminals are a pain to install and get going because they have so many different parts and components. The MSAT G3 is easy to install, whether it will be in a stationary location like a building or inside of a vehicle of some type, such as an emergency response vehicle. All that is required for installation is mounting the antenna outside and affixing the unit to its position. Connection after placement is instant, so you can begin communicating almost immediately after installation. 

In the end, the MSAT G3 is an excellent satellite communication terminal to choose from. Check with a satellite terminal retailer for more information about the perks of the MSAT G3 terminal. 

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