How CMMS Software Can Help You Take a Proactive Approach to Maintenance

When you have a business that relies on machinery or complex technology, being reactive about your maintenance needs is costly. Once problems occur, you are already facing losses in productivity and revenue. Using computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software can allow you to be more proactive in your maintenance needs.

Reduce the Need for Unexpected Repairs

Surprise issues with your equipment can cause several costly problems. In some instances, when problems occur they may result in errors in the products you produce, which cannot be sold as is and must be redone. Once these issues arise, production may grind to a halt, and the time it takes to repair issues is costing your business money. One of the major features of CMMS software is scheduled maintenance. The software will warn you when certain machinery or components need to be replaced or repaired. Additionally, when maintenance is scheduled, it can be done at a time when it least affects your business, such as at night, on weekends, or at other times when production is usually slower.

Streamline Inventory

Part of being proactive about your maintenance is having the right parts available to keep your machines running. When unexpected repairs happen or it is time to perform scheduled maintenance, you will face new problems if you do not have the right parts available or have misplaced them. The entire process of ordering parts from suppliers to locating them in your inventory is streamlined. CMMS software can maintain contact information for your suppliers and keep you informed when you are running low on replacement parts. Maintaining an accurate inventory in your software means you can go directly to the parts you need and spend less time searching for a specific part.

More Efficient Repairs

CMMS software eliminates the old way of handling repairs, which often involves calling in work orders. When several repairs need to be done, technicians may simply perform their work in the order it was received, or in some instances, what is easiest to do first. Using CMMS software makes repairs more efficient because work orders are handled within the system, significantly reducing the chance of miscommunication or lost work orders. Additionally, when there are several repairs that need to be performed, they can be prioritized by the system. The most complicated repairs or those that affect more of your business can be done first, whereas other repairs that are deemed easiest or least important can fall to the bottom of the list. This reduces or eliminates the ability of technicians to cherry-pick their tasks.

Preventive maintenance CMMS software allows you to take a proactive approach to maintenance instead of being more reactive.

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