Use Cloud Based Voice Picking Software To Streamline Your Warehouse

When an order comes into your warehouse, you likely have a system in place to notify employees who need to pick the item off of the shelves and get it ready for shipment or sale. It's common for employees in this environment to use handheld devices or smartphones to transmit and receive the information they need but today, there is now another way to get the job done that is growing in popularity. Cloud-based voice picking software may help you streamline your order processing and overall warehouse work environment in a number of ways. Here's why you should reach out to a provider of voice picking software.

Boost Productivity By Keeping Hands Free

With a voice based picking system, your warehouse workers wear headsets and then receive the information for the pick into their ears. They'll be given instructions on which item to pick and that could also include directions to the exact shelf number or part of the warehouse where they need to go. When the employee doesn't need to fiddle with a handheld device to find the right information, they can just stay on the move and get the pick done faster. This may boost overall productivity or efficiency throughout your warehouse, leading to more orders getting picked up in less time.

Improve Safety By Keeping Hands Free

When an employee has to walk around with a handheld device to stay on top of incoming orders, this may keep at least one of their hands occupied some of the time when they are trying to lift or carry the items in the order. By getting the information through voice via headset, the employee's hands can stay completely free. This will allow them to be more careful when lifting or carrying items and may also avoid a situation where the employee drops or breaks an item.

Reduce Errors By Avoiding Manual Data Entry

When you rely on employees to manually enter the item number or other data into a handheld device, there's a chance they could hit the wrong number, causing an error or delay in the processing of the order. Voice picking software comes through loud and clear into the headset and the information may be generated automatically because the software can be connected to your point of sale, allowing immediate transmission of the information the warehouse worker needs.

Reduce Server Costs With a Cloud Based Set Up

When you use a cloud-based voice picking system, the information for the pick is sent over to a cloud server that can be hosted by the third party behind the entire system. This means your company won't have to maintain internal servers for its order processing or picking needs, allowing you to save money on server costs.

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